Monday, November 30, 2009

Recipes: Croûte de Pécan Bière (A Pecan Pie Ale)

  This is a recipe I wanted to post that I consider a tip of the hat to my southern Louisiana roots. Pecan Pie is served especially in the fall with coffee as the perfect end to large family meals. With very few "pecan pie beer" out in the craft beer world (none that i like) I decided to give it a shot. Now you can too, so go brew it up, judge for yourself & enjoy with family around a dinner table!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

CHECK IT OUT: Simply Beer gets to interview Dogfish Head's owner about the Life & Limb release with Sierra Nevada

Dogfish Head brewery has a collaboration with Sierra Nevada called Life & Limb hitting the streets as I type this. Since I live on the west coast it would be very slim to impossible to get the chance that Peter over at SimplyBeer got. He got to interview my brew hero Sam Calagione. It's a youtube video interview with mention of a cool new collaboration on the horizon! Check it out and drop @simplybeer a tweet sometime for some great home brewing tricks and tips. Here is the link to his interview: Sam Calagione Talks About Life & Limb and Future Collaborations



Tuesday, November 17, 2009

2009 Winter Beer Festival Presented by Washington Beer Commission

      It is that time of the year ladies and gentleman. Time for the winter beer fest. Come and taste all the lovely winter warmer's at Hale's ales in Seattle. the list is extensive and the days will be long so show up thirsty. I will also be covering the festival live on Saturday the 5th so keep your eyes peeled. So here is the low down and the beer list.